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"Tracy K’s set at the Memphis International Blues Challenge not only kept my foot tapping but brought many smiles to my face.  Her talent matches her energy on stage, and both are substantial.  Great vocals, great harp, and she seems to genuinely have a ball while sharing her talent with you. That is a tough combination to beat!" Mick Kolassa, IBC judge 2013

"...a million voices seem to be trapped in that tiny little instrument and Tracy K seems to know how to exorcise them in front of wowed crowds every time. It was my pleasure to invite Tracy K to the 2007 'Canada Reads, Ontario Rocks' event where she composed a song that had some in tears! It was again my pleasure to record Tracy for Canada Live, as I hope the rest of the country discovers her talent LIVE on stage."- Alan Neal, host, Bandwidth (CBC Radio One), Canada Live (CBC Radio Two)

"Tracy's blessed with a magnificent voice, raw power and passion tempered by a tender fragility. If there's emotional depth to the material she plumbs it; and given the chance to reveal something of herself, she's mesmerizing; there are moments here approaching the sublime." - John Taylor, MN Blues

"Thunder Bay's Tracy K wowed the crowd at the Blues Summit with her engaging stage presence and a killer band." - Maple Blues Magazine

"I declare I am a fan. That is what motivates me as a promoter to book Tracy K to audiences of 30,000 people; and most recently Tracy and Jamie to an intimate evening of 200. They brought a passionate charm to their blues tradition and know what it takes to move an audience.” - Marv Terhoch, President, Terhoch Associates, Winnipeg, Manitoba


"Tracy K and Jamie Steinhoff's easy rapport with the audience, amazing harmonica playing and terrific gutsy renditions of blues classics as well as their own compositions captivated the audience and made for a great evening out." - Katherine Myers, THEOP, Deep River, Ontario

"I’ll be shocked if you don’t fall head over heels in love with “Canned Heat” - it’s a charming, likeable album that makes friends instantly.“Canned Heat” sounds like a Saturday night on the back porch- absolutely beautiful." ***** - John Kereiff

" 'Canned Heat' with an honest realism does a very fine job of taking us back to the simpler times of the Blues, and masterfully so from these immensely talented artists. For old time Blues and Beyond, done right, I give 'Canned Heat' my highest rating of 5*****" - John Vermilyea (Blues Underground Network)

"Throughout this release, Steinhoff displays a masterful style of fingerpicking,  Tracy K's vocals are confident and solid while she displays a mean capability on harp."
- Merv Osborne, Blues Matters magazine

"We are always very pleased to have Tracy K & Jamie Steinhoff play, as they draw a crowd from miles around. Their exceptional talent, wit, humour, day to day stories  keeps people coming back." - John Cox, Green Achers of Wabigoon, Ontario

"Fans have been asking for the return of Tracy K and her Right Hand Band since she levelled the joint during her 2003 appearance at the festival. Her blues harp style and Joplin-esque vocals make her a must-see!" - G. Krochak,  Regina Leader Post

"Tracy K plays a nice harmonica...the real treat is her voice, well-controlled and gritty as a whiskey soaked hobnail" - Jeremy Loomes, Edmonton Sun

"Her songs are very well written, a seamless blend of blues, country and rock - not a surprise, perhaps, given the Thunder Bay / Winnipeg focus." - John Valenteyn, Maple Blues Magazine

"Opening for James Cotton was Tracy K, whose performance confirmed why she was the best act at the first blues fest" - Ken Wright, Thunder Bay Blues Society

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